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Flightscope X3 Fusion Tracking
Flightscope X3 Fusion Tracking
Flightscope X3 Fusion Tracking
Flightscope X3 Fusion Tracking
Flightscope X3 Fusion Tracking
Flightscope X3 Fusion Tracking

Flightscope X3 Fusion Tracking

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FlightScope X3 uses patented Fusion Tracking technology that combines 3D tracking radar and image processing for unmatched data accuracy.
No additional license fees for indoor and outdoor setup.
Capture data and automatically clip video from multiple camera feeds for every shot.
Adjust your environment to plan and prepare for all weather conditions and  and scapes.
Built-in camera enables easy target alignment with auto-levelling for all surface types wireless and portable.
Robust 5GHz Wi-Fi hotspot for a stronger and faster connection to mobile devices.
Club fitting capability.
X3’s Fusion Tracking Technology provides the most accurate and consistent wedge D- plane data in the industry.
Multiple integrations Includes 50+ full swing, chipping, pitching, and putting data parameters. Compatible with a variety of third-party training aids.
Speed and acceleration profiles to verify players are using the right equipment.



Until now people have been using what’s been called normalised mode in some systems. Which account for only the air temperature and air pressure. Which is only a very small part of all the environmental conditions.

So FlightScope once again came with a world first with our environmental optimiser which takes into account, not only air pressure and air temperature but also relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction, your landing height, whether it is above or below your feet and that is a huge step forward.

The environmental optimiser or as we know it the ‘EO’ can be used in any environment. So you can hit shots outdoors or indoors and then take that data and customise it or change it and adapt it to whatever conditions you’d like to understand.

Every golfer knows that wind, wind direction, height above sea level, air temperature and such that those influence how the ball flies. But the quantities matter, how much does each of these elements influence your ball flight? That is the real question.

During the last several years on tour we have had a request for normalised data from many different tour players. But normalised data does not really allow you to change the environment. So we wanted to take that a step further. We wanted to give the player the ability to change the wind speed or the wind direction or the relative landing height. So now if you are practising at a certain location, let’s say Dallas and you are going to be playing in Colorado you can practice in Dallas but see your data as if you were in Colorado.

We’ve been working with Bryson Dechambeau who uses FlightScope for all his preparation and ball flight analysis, club analysis and Bryson asked the questions which led us to create a tool that can be used for planning in great detail. In order to create the environmental optimiser as a software tool it took us at least seven months of work in terms of shooting balls with a ball cannon in different conditions. So that we could actually characterise the ball flights under those conditions.

We also have our FlightScope Fusion system which is a variation of our FlightScope X3 combined with image processing that can track a ball until it lands about three hundred and thirty yards through the air.



Flightscope X3 Fusion Tracking
Flightscope X3 Fusion Tracking
Flightscope X3 Fusion Tracking
Flightscope X3 Fusion Tracking