Golf Technologies Ltd

Here at Home Golf Australia, we have partnered up with Golf Technologies Ltd to bring you the best in all products related to setting up your own golf simulator at your own home. Starting with the line of Flightscope Mevo products, you can now have launch monitor technology that the pro's use to measure shots and help improve your game. Check out Golf Technologies website here:
Starting with the Flightscope Mevo, you can set up a hitting net, indoors or outdoors, and accurately measure 8 different data points to help you understand what you are doing on each strike.The size and potability of the Mevo also means it can come to the range or to the course too. Meaning you can have access to the data anywhere you play.
The next product in the Mevo lineup is the Mevo+. This is the product that is going to leave all other affordable personal launch monitors behind. With integration into E6 Golf, the Mevo+ is not only a personal launch monitor that can be used to track and improve your game, it is also capable of being a golf simulator. E6 Golf is one of the most modern and advanced golf simulator software's out there and now you can set up a Home Golf Australia golf studio in your own garage and play some of the most famous courses in the world. Have friends around and play 18 holes at almost any course you want. You can still utilise all the amazing portability and practice benefits of the original Mevo, but with the Mevo+ you get 8 extra data points to gather even more data for your practice. The Mevo+ App has a driving range and skills games to focus that training even further.
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The table below shows the data points that you can see from both the Mevo and Mevo+.