2023 Mevo+, ProTee VX and the all new Optishot Orbit are live and available. We welcome the new Optishot Orbit simulator as a new addition to our collection. If you are on a budget then this guy is your answer.

Golf Simulation and Training at Home, your way.

At Home Golf Australia powered by Golf Technologies Ltd, we are dedicated to bringing you the best products for use at home to help improve and increase your enjoyment of golf. Utilising both Flightscope and ProTee products, you can now start to play simulation golf from the luxury of your own home, getting all the critical data to improve your game and the pure enjoyment of simulation play. We are backed by Flightscope and ProTee United which means we can offer full after sales service and warranty backup for your Flightscope or ProTee product. We can also offer training on how to use your Flightscope or ProTee United products and the accompanying apps. 

FlightScope Mevo+ Golf Monitor and Simulator. This App has real time golfing performance data

FlightScope Mevo+ Golf monitor & Golf simulator


ProTee United VX Launch Monitor


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